The Recipe Box

I’m sure the last thing any reader comes here for are recipes, but believe it or not I am rather accomplished when it comes to finding my way around the kitchen. I have my mom to thank for that since she is an excellent cook! Many of the recipes I will post in my virtual recipe box come from her, but over the years I have collected a number of recipes off well known food sites, as well as just Google searches for whatever I am in the mood for.

My 4×6 index card holder is just too cluttered and I figured this would be a great way to organize my recipes, as well as get many of them online. I do have a number of favorites that I could cook everyday, but my intent is two-fold. First, as I mentioned is to get my recipe box organized. Second to find some new recipes that I have in box and have never cooked or not cooked in a long time.

Many of the recipes I have collected are simple to make. I can’t say I like to follow a recipe that is too difficult or to long to make. I have seen some chef’s recipes from the well known sites and while the outcome is fantastic, I know my won’t be nearly as good. So rarely do I follow the master chefs and their recipes. Thankfully some chefs do have simple recipes that are quick and easy to follow.