Mobile Scam

I wish I would have done a bit more homework before I plunked down my hard earned cash, after 2 years of very average service from Verizon. I made a common mistake, I bought the “latest and greatest” that being the Droid X. To date, this mobile phone, in my opinion has not lived up to the hype it’s received. Then again, I have not had much luck with AT&T or Sprint either when I was locked into their agreements. It could be the area we live in when it comes to the actual service. As it stands right now, I rarely get the ‘3G’ icon on my mobile phone at home, which is accompanied by a bar or bar and a half on a good day.

I went in to the local Verizon store last week to price a bottom of the line mobile phone. Not a smart phone. Not a hand held computer, just a phone that does what a phone should, make phone calls. Unfortunately, the sales associate stated the obvious, which I knew, I was not eligible for an upgrade until July, 2012. Verizon wanted $289.99 for a base model phone when purchased separate from an upgrade or 2-year service.

On the recommendation, from the associate, “I would buy a mobile phone off EBay and bring it in. We can activate and move your data for you.” So that day I went home, won an EBay action for a Blackberry 8330 Curve for $10 plus $5.99 shipping and handling. Couldn’t beat $15.99 for a mobile device that I actually enjoyed using before it met its end by hitting a wall.

I received the new (used) Blackberry yesterday and go to Verizon. They proceed to tell me they cannot activate the phone because there is a claim against it (active ESN). This means the mobile device was either lost or stolen, but regardless the pending claim prevents Verizon from doing anything with it. So in reality I was sold a brick.

I have sent 2 emails in two days to the EBay seller, All Tech Wholesale. They claim “30 day money back, seller pays return shipping.” I expect, not hope, but expect this is the case and they replace my brick with another used Blackberry 8330 Curve that does not have the same problem without changing the total sale price of $15.99.

Am I expecting too much? Yeah, probably especially these days when there is no such thing as customer service, especially when it comes to mobile carriers. I say this because, unlike my wife, I won’t push and make demands. Maybe that helped her get a new Droid X after having ongoing issues with her Storm. The only help Verizon would provide me was either a soft or hard reset. No mention ever made to replace the phone. Guess it would have been beneficial for me to pay the extra money, get the insurance plan and the literally break the phone in order to get a new one.

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