Too Early to Consider Retirement?

Is it ever too early to start planning for retirement? Probably not. I am already preparing for my son’s college education (unless he decides to visit his Uncle Sam) and have been contemplating where to retire. For the past few years, Montana and the Dakotas have been at the top of my list. Although blistery cold in the winter I have been considering a move overseas.

I see today there is an article on Yahoo by Kathleen Peddicord titled, 5 Places to Retire for Under $500 Per Month. Somewhat surprised by the seeing Nicaragua and Colombia head the list, but given the conditions and possible some bad press the areas of Leon and Medellin could be viable options. Areas of Panama, Thailand and France also make the top 5 list.

Another retire area I have considered (again) has been that of Belize, for numerous reasons. First money your retirement money can go further, much like it can in the 5 areas that make the list. As a former British colony, Belize speaks English. In conjunction with the first reason, the U.S. Dollar is the accepted currency.

A sticking point to retirement at this time, my wife. I am not sure I could convince her to uproot from Northern California and effectively start a new life, in a new country in which you are retired. Maybe I can.

Of course I have ulterior motives with ham radio as a hobby and looking for a state or country that will generate a lot of activity. Thus part of my reasoning for looking north here in the U.S. and in Central America at Belize.

Thankfully I have 20 years (at least) to contemplate and continue planning for retirement. By then our son will be an adult, married with kids of his own. This could potentially toss a wrench in my retirement plans. Regardless of where I retire I look forward to it even at 41. Retiring at 55 would be even better.