Access Denied

It’s quite interesting to note that I am no longer allowed access to because the content is categorized as, “Alternative Spirituality/Belief;Newsgroups/Forums.” ATS members exchange and debate their Above top Secret approved ideas and theories on a variety of “alternative topics”, including UFOs and extraterrestrial life, political scandals, New World Order, the 2012 phenomenon, cryptozoology, and secret societies. (source). So the content is already considered by some “questionable material.”

At my previous employer it seemed to be a weekly occurrence that a favored web site of mine would suddenly end up on the ‘Access Denied’ list. While I have no idea who maintained this filter, it became rather frustrating. Many times I would frequent forum based web sites, for example and Both of these sites I use specifically for the forums. Oddly enough neither ever made the list. But the forums for the game I helped develop was put on the list. To this day I have no reason why. Could it be because the word, ‘terror’ was in the domain name?

I am sure my time perusing the web site, Godlike Productions while at work is limited and will most likely end up on the “Access Denied’ list in the coming month(s). Why? The content is similar to that of ATS and presented in a forum and probably more loose in terms of moderation. Yet as of this posting, I still have complete access to it.

While not too surprising I can access ATS via the IP address (, although I am sure this too is against policy and it would probably be advisable if I didn’t. Too bad to see more and more of my frequently visited sites being on the ‘Access Denied’ list. Guess that is why it’s called work.

Kronum: Sport of the Future?

So a buddy at work stumbled upon a new game that was created in Philadelphia as an alternative to conventional sports. As Kronum is described by Wired, “Maybe soccer alone doesn’t do it for you. Basketball too boring? Perhaps rugby and water polo aren’t mainstream enough for your liking. Gosh, couldn’t someone just get it over with and combine all these disciplines into one super sport that requires little more than a circular grass field, some specially designed nets, and a whole lot of insanity?”

It’s actually easier to watch to get an idea as to how the game is played. The rules may seem a bit confusing, as scoring can occur from any portion of the field, but are awarded differently if the ball goes into the crown (goal mouth) or the crown rings (the 5 openings above the crown). Teams of 10 players defend two crowns on a circular 70 yard field. The field is divided into four primary zones: goal zone, wedge zone, flex zone and cross zone.

You can watch videos courtesy of and get all the rules and scoring as well as searching You Tube for some short videos of game play. Looks like an exciting sport, would love to see it live.

Domestic Terrorist: BS Indicators

Please, someone at the “make work” program called the TSA answer me this, why do you always “decline to comment” when questioned about procedures or list of “behavioral indicators” that could put an air traveler in the “high risk” category. I guess declining to comment either means you are doing something not completely right or whatever information you provide could aid the terrorists. My mistake, I guess I should have figured that.

Today in the TSA Nazi read file comes this piece, TSA security looks at people who complain about … TSA security and with good reason in my opinion. In the past months we have seen story after story of an air traveler being harassed or groped or molested, in the case of the 6 year old I wrote about a few days ago in TSA: This is unacceptable!

There is an alleged list that contains 70 “behavioral indicators” that could assist the “make work” program in singling you out as “high risk.” When it comes to “passengers attitudes” towards security, it reads, “Very arrogant and expresses contempt against airport passenger procedures.”

Uh, Big Sis, this is a protected right under the First Amendment. There is no way in hell this would stand up in any court of law. I disagree with the Nazi-like searches that take place each and every day for air travelers, especially kids and employees of an airline. The government is doing nothing less then demanding YOU be searched if you speak up regarding the procedures you are going through or could potentially face.

There are a few interesting comments from Peter Bergen, director of the National Security Studies Program at the New America Foundation and CNN’s National Security Analyst, who I actually respect, “I think the idea that they would try to draw attention to themselves by being arrogant at airport security, it fails the common sense test…And it also fails what we know about their behaviors in the past.

Unfortunately DHS/TSA/Big Sis think otherwise and YOU will be the one to pay when it comes to speaking up and speaking out at a security checkpoint. I guess you can consider me a domestic terrorist then. As much as it pains me to say it, but there is no way in hell I would have stood around like one of the sheeple and let the TSA molest a 6 year old girl in the name of security.

An interesting note to end this story, “The TSA does not track the number of arrests, convictions or exonerations of people that are referred to law enforcement.” Wow! I wonder why? Because the percentage would be so low and asinine the American public would see just how useless this department is when it comes to actually “security” of the nation’s airports.