Changes. Really! Last time.

More changes…really! This time SHOULD be the final time. For those who frequent the site you might have noticed some links, categories and posts missing. I was unhappy with the idea of not being able to accomplish a few items I really wanted to have on my site, for example my amateur radio log (courtesy of

After posting a question on Forums and taking the responses into consideration I went ahead and reinstalled the WordPress files on my host, IPOWER and have had very good luck in configuring it. Currently when you go to you are on the new, hosted site. So far it looks to be running very smooth, but it also puts me back to work on updating posts and all the other files associated with my site.

This was how I wanted my site in the first place and while pleased it make take me some more time to get the entire process completed. I am open to any suggestions readers have, please feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment and I will get back to you. So to everyone who continues to support The 6th Floor and my ranting, thank you very much.