Ham M Restoration

Last October I acquired my father’s CDE Ham M rotator. It was the main rotator on the 100′ tower he had for the shack in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I was removed years ago and shelved as he got out of the hobby. Once I received it, I set it aside tentatively since I had no way of adding it to the lightweight mast I am currently using to support my 5-band hexx beam approximately 20′ above my garage.

I sent out an e-mail to the NCCC Reflector to get information from the members of the club. Thankfully I had done a bit of preparation and already knew of the two services many of the members mentioned. NRS or Norm’s Rotor Service and Rotor Doc, now C.A.T.S. were the two companies I sent an e-mail to for their advice on my Ham M.

I received e-mails back from both this morning, albeit with different information. Norm was good enough to give me a quote on the possible cleaning and repair of the unit. While Craig at C.A.T.S. recommended a heavy dose of cleaning and replacing parts that don’t age well.

While I have not made a decision on how I will proceed I will blow out all the crap and look for a manual (not sure I was given one with it). Norm was nice enough to say he would provide a parts list if I wanted to repair the rotator myself.

With the end of the contesting season drawing near it will be time to take a look at upgrading the shack. While I did not accomplish much of the work I wanted to last year I will still attempt to upgrade the mast and with any luck get the rotator working. Much of the work I am planning will concern the operating position.

I am planning on increasing the size of the raised platform I have the desk on. I need to increase this platform about 3 feet in order to accommodate the cabinets I plan on using. While storage at the desk would be a wonderful thing, I am not sure it will work out as I anticipate. I still have further planning to do.