W6ONV to meet W6JZH

I will most likely update this post later today, but I have a meeting with John Galli, W6JZH today after I leave work. I will drive to his house in Pittsburg to see his shack and talk to him further.

Thanks in part to Rusty, W6OAT who called John last week and told him about me. I called him myself yesterday on the way home passing Bay Point on the outside chance he would be home I would drop by. As it happened I left a message and got a call back a few hours later while sitting in the shack.

John and I spoke for about 15 minutes, he told me my mobile phone message I left was very garbled and he had to consult a 1963 call book to look for my last name. That call book probably did not have W6ONV listed as my father’s call. But as things could have it, QRZ.com was updated, John get my phone number from phone book and called me.

We talked at length about my talk with Rusty and my desire to contest from a larger station, but wanting to “have fun” and gain experience. My desire to work DX is strong and put in a good effort during whatever contests I participate in. Winning and earning wallpaper is not my main motivator.

I look forward to the meeting today and seeing John’s station.

*** Update *** I spent about 45 minutes talking with John and what a great guy! We swapped stories and I told him where I was as an operator and my philosophy as I approached any contest. We talked towers, antennas, rigs and amps. He even offered to look at the Heathkit SB-220 I have sitting here in my shack.

While I am not sure what the next big contest I will participate in, my first call will be to John. I will be able to get on all bands except 160M. Not a big problem for me at all. At least I should have a much better signal than I do at my QTH. Then again, I guess it is all relative, as my father would say. I do the best I can with the hardware I have and as I have stated time and time again, it’s all about having fun.