HMO – Highly Motivated Operator?

While I would like to consider myself an “HMO” (highly motivated operator) when it comes to a full time effort during a contest weekend, the truth is my operating time is dictated by factors I don’t have much control over; work schedule/days off, family responsibilities and limited hardware. Still with these factors I do the best I can, depending on what contest is scheduled will determine my level of commitment.

I was fortunate enough to sit with W6OAT, Rusty as the March meeting and he made mention of a NCCC member who might have a station available to use during contests. His name is John, W6JZH and he lives about 7 miles down the road in the neighboring Pittsburg.

While I probably shouldn’t know of him, I make it a point to go out of my way driving home to view his tower and antennas. I still recall the first day I saw his tower rising above a somewhat residential/industrial type area. I was rather amazed and excited, but at the time did not know of him.

With a quick e-mail to Rusty, he called and spoke to John the other day, made mention of me and the desire to operator from a station other than mine. So now John is waiting in anticipation of my phone call. I think this sort of networking in great! While I just got the e-mail this morning I plan on giving John a call and hopefully end up meeting him and touring his station at his convince. Who knows I might have a “real tower” to use in the next contest.

Speaking of tower, I am chasing the possibility of purchasing a crank-up tower (Tri-EX H-471) for $600 that has never been used and requires a few minor pieces. Not sure this will actually happen, but the wife was not as disagreeable as I thought she would be. I anticipated her answer to my inquiry, but it might be a possibility. Now the last hurdle would be replacing the 20? mast with a 20? (nested) tower. I will continue to explore the idea.