2011 CQ World Wide WPX – SSB

Contest: CQ World Wide WPX
Date: March 26-27, 2010
Mode: SSB
Period: Starts 0000 UTC Saturday; ends 2359 UTC Sunday

20 / 39 / 29
15 / 76 / 60
10 / 28 / 24
TOTAL: 143 QSO / 113 PFX
SCORE: 36,286 (TIME ON: 4 H 21 Mn)

SOAPBOX: I will consider this 4 hour effort a success, as I surpassed my 2010 totals across the board, which was all I shooting for. Only put in few hours on Saturday and Sunday from about 1900z until 2359z completely missing out on the 40/80M.

Propagation seemed to be very good everywhere, now I wish I would of had more time to put into the contest, but I must reserved my days off for contests that I enjoy a bit more than WPX SSB. Nonetheless I had a great time operating, especially on 10M and 15M. For the second contest in a row, 15M had more activity (for me) than 20M. Part of it was not wanting to battle the pileups and splatter on 20M, so I really only spun through the bands a few times in 4 hours.

As expected SA dominated 10M! It was rare I could not make a QSO with Brazil or Argentina, even got Chile and Uruguay this time around. 15M and 20M were dominated by NA. Usually 15M has been very good to JA, but due to limited operating time I did not spend much time with the antenna pointed that direction. EU came in very well on 20M, which was somewhat surprising given the time. Biggest surprise of the contest came when i worked 6V7D on 15M with a great signal and D4C long path when I was beaming JA. Chalk one up for Sol!

I debated running low power, but already being disadvantaged by the 20? high mast for my 5-band hex beam I did not was to add further frustration to my operating. I did however run unassisted this time. In the past I have used the cluster, but this time going purely S&P I figured I would give it a shot and see how well I could do.

All in all I had a great time, only wish I had some more time off from work or a more conducive work schedule that would allow me 20-30 hours to participate. Regardless I continue to improve each contest and hopefully it will all come together in due time to allow me to put in a real effort resulting in a good score.

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