2011 Russian DX Contest

Contest: Russian DX Contest
Date: March 19-20, 2011
Mode: CW, SSB
Period: Starts 1200 UTC Saturday, ends 1200 UTC Sunday

20 / 16 /4 / 3
15 / 21 / 8 / 2
TOTAL: 37 QSO / 12 DXC / 5 OBL
SCORE: 2703 (TIME ON: 1 H 32 Mn)

SOAPBOX: Second year I had participated in the RDXC and I use the term “participated” lightly since I only need to improve on 8 QSOs from 2010. Unfortunately this year I didn’t read the rules and I missed seeing the ‘SSB’ portion of the RDXC, so all 37 of my QSOs were CW. Nothing wrong with that, but I seem to usually have a good window into Asiatic Russia from time to time, as well as to JA, where a majority of my QSOs came from.

Regardless of that minor detail I did log 37 QSOs running only 100 watts this year, as opposed to 1000 watts in 2010. I also picked up 5 oblasts (KT, YA, PK, SL & HK) compared to the zero I logged last year. Aside from all the JAs, I also logged JT5DX on 15M, first call and there were no takers. Second time I have had a QSO with him. I also logged South Korea on 15M.