At the end of 2009 I made a resolution to increase the number of of QSOs made in 2010 to 4000 during the year (up from 2000 in 2009). With contesting being the driving force I exceeded my expectation in 2010, even without major participation at the end of 2010 in many of the big contests.

I ran across small blurb in the recent issue of QST about QSO365. It is one amateur’s attempt to work a QSO a day for 365 days. Keith, G6NHU who is helping to promote amateur radio with this venture. Recently Keith was sponsored by Martin Lynch & Sons in the UK. I look forward to reading his blog and following this progress through 2011.

This is truly a wonderful idea, one I which I would have undertaken at the beginning of 2011. With the solar cycle on the upswing I have been since last Friday working at least one QSO since. Now hopefully I can continue to have a few minutes a day to find and work a DX station or even call CQ.

I wish Keith all the best in his undertaking and hope to take a piece of what he is doing and apply it to my own operation. While I set no goals this year for amateur radio, I do hope to work some contests and continue to improve myself as an operate in attempt to increase my scores across the board about 15%-20%.