High Band DX!

With the conclusion of the ARRL DX Contest (SSB) it seems the “itch” for radio is back. In fact it never really left, but with the home remodel that took some 10 months, amateur radio took a backseat. Just felt too guilty trying to commit to a contest on my days off from work, knowing there was work I could be doing.

Today has been a very good day on the high bands, 10M and 12M from CM98da. For the most part I have been tuning around and working spots. I did have a first today on 10M as I made 5 PSK31 contacts, the first being PJ7/W8EB down in St. Maarten! The other PSK contacts were all domestic including Bryan, Ac4BB who I have written about before.

Other DX today included 4A4A working 10M SSB and 12M RTTY. I also worked ZL1BYZ on 10M (again, got him in the ARRL DX), KH2L on 10M as well. Thanks Ed! And finally J68PJ (I hope) on 12 CW from St. Lucia.

In a quick update, I am but 2 confirmations away from my initial DXCC (97 confirmed)! With any luck some of the 8 new entities I worked over the weekend will LoTW and I will be submitting paperwork for my award. This has been great, hopefully we continue to see a steady increase in the propagation, as well as activity on the high bands.