Month – March 2011

HMO – Highly Motivated Operator?

While I would like to consider myself an “HMO” (highly motivated operator) when it comes to a full time effort during a contest weekend, the truth is my operating time is dictated by factors I don’t have much control over; work schedule/days off, family responsibilities and limited hardware. Still with these factors I do the […]

JA7COI: Update from Japan

Even in a very difficult situation, such as japan is suffering in the aftermath of the 9.0 earthquake, devastating tsunami and the continued leak at the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant, it’s good to get news from afar regarding a friend. While I have never met Ichiro, JA7COI, I feel I have a unique friendship with […]

Support for Radiosport – NCCC

By no means do I consider myself an accomplished contester if I base my success on wallpaper, one would think I have failed in the contests I have entered. But that is not the case. By far the best decision I have made since becoming licensed as an amateur (only 1995) was joining a very […]

The Sunday Update

These are posts I should not have to be writing, as a web site transition and hosting should be seamless to the end user. With that said I seem to have got my hosting issues under control for the time being. Last thing I want to do is have to change hosts or correct broken […]