2011 Resolutions

It had become customary since 2006 here on T6F to list the previous years resolutions, along with what I accomplished, as well as what I fell short of. I guess this year has started off on the wrong foot since I have had very little time to dedicate to the site or reviewing last year’s resolutions and putting together a list for this year. Today is the way, albeit a bit late, but better late than never. And really who starts their resolutions on January 1? Guess by virtue of that statement I am already procrastinating.

A quick review of my 2010 resolutions would show 5 general topics, which I included. By my count I succeeded on two, failed on two and one is still currently being worked on. The first failure was getting down to San Diego. We were not able to load the Charger and go this year, partly due to using much of my vacation and floating holiday on another resolution, not by design, believe me. The other item that I failed at was any sort of home loan modification. It’s funny, I get mail nearly every day to refinance as well as phone calls from mortgage lender (B of A), as well as Wells Fargo. Unfortunately in the end the answer is always the same. No, sorry nothing we can do for you.

As for my two successful resolutions, the first was I exceeded 4000 QSOs (contacts) last year in amateur radio. While I don’t have the running total handy I would venture a guess it was over 5000. Unfortunately the winter contest season has been pretty light for me to end 2010 and start 2011. Hell, I am not even excited for the ARRL RTTY Round Up, which takes place this weekend.

The other success was working on the house. However you look at it, fortunate or unfortunately we have been dealing with the insurance company since April, 2010 and would have been done with all our work in early October, stemming from a leakage from an upstairs pipe. Two days after we had the last bit of carpet installed in the dinning room we had the cold and hot water pipes under the foundation (in the kitchen) suddenly burst, which has cost another $20,000 in damage. When it is all said and done (hopefully by April) we will virtually have a new house inside.

Lastly, one area that seems in question, my health. I haven’t been all that good watching what I eat. I was late in 2009 getting a physical, but was told I was healthy and still needed to lose weight. The ACL replacement is still causing all sorts of problems, but honestly I have given up on the doctors. Thankfully I still had soccer to give me some exercise, but that still needs to improve this year. My wife has already stated we should be more active and eating healthier. So this is still a working in progress and something than continues on the 2011 list.

As for the list for this new year I really haven’t put much thought into what I would like to accomplish. Top on the list, the house. With the remaining insurance money we will be able to finish off the upstairs and possibly repair a few windows and stucco downstairs or replace the roof. Both are needed, the roof probably more so than the windows. Many other “fix-it” items dot the list, such as new front doors, new electrical panel, the aforementioned, roof. With any luck this project will be near completion come April.

As I said, health remains on the list and my wife is pushing me more then ever. She and a friend recently went on a diet, so I have been eating much of what they fixed each night for dinner. Not bad to be honest. I have actually spent more time reading about their diet and how to approach it in order to have a high probability of success. Along with diet goes exercise. Yes, the Bowflex is still in the garage, covered with a sheet. Now my wife (thanks to her friend) wants her to join the local gym. Money I don’t have on a monthly basis, but something we should do.

I am sure these two items alone could be on nearly everybody’s resolution list, guess I will consider myself one of the sheeple and keep it on mine as well. Hopefully I have better luck with it this year than I have had in the past.

I would really enjoy finding a part time job I could do at home. I have no idea where to start or what is even there that isn’t some sort of a scheme or questionable when it comes to how it works. Even though it’s not a true “job” in the sense of the word, I will look forward to the upcoming 2011-2012 NFL season (if we have one) and spending time and sharing my insight and knowledge with “like minded” fantasy football owners over at Fantasy Football Starters. I had an outstanding time this year and look to make a bigger contribution in the 2011 NFL season.

The road trip to San Diego is still on the list as well. I missed out in 2010, but with the additional year of vacation I earn in October we just might be able to get down this year. Not sure yet how scheduling at work will play out, but we are keeping out fingers crossed. I would really like to spend it with my sister and her husband, as well as my family and parents.

That’s it for a rather unexciting list this year post-New Years Eve, one that already started with procrastination, as it has taken me 6 days to make my first post in 2011. Hopefully all those who read The 6TF had a great New Years and look forward to what 20111 will bring.

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