Aaron Rodgers: Why We Draft Backups

How the hell do you, as a fantasy football owner NOT have a back up quarterback? This baffles me, it really does. Here we are 14 weeks into the NFL season and for many leagues the first round of the playoffs and suddenly, the unthinkable happens. You lose Aaron Rodgers. Your playoff is suddenly in jeopardy and unless you got good production out of your RBs and WRs, you can probably write off any playoff run you had planned on if you happened to pull out a victory in Week 14.

I guess this shouldn’t come as that big of a shock to me, but it does. How does a fantasy owner not play for contingencies or unfortunate events that are part of every NFL season. If you have played fantasy football or even watch the NFL, then you know that injuries are a part of the game. So why don’t YOU plan for them?

This is why I am still a stanch proponent of backing up ALL my positions, including TE and D/ST (if applicable). Hell, I usually go as far as drafting 3 QBs just in case my #1 starter goes down, I have a back up. Hell even a back up for my back up. It is called PLANNING and this begin long before the fantasy draft. So what is your excuse for not having a back up for Aaron Rodgers?

Through 2008 and 2009 Rodgers did not miss a game, starting all 16, so his track record (2 years if you can call that a track record) are pretty solid. He is a gamer and a damn good fantasy QB. But suddenly he suffers his second concussion of the year (first in Week 5 vs Washington) and now his season is in jeopardy. Now you as an owner, if you were lucky enough to pull out a win without any points from your QB are suddenly scouring the waiver wire to find a suitable replacement. Let me tell you, the wire is very thin this time a year. Don’t think there is a thinner position then QB, so finding a replacement will be challenging.

Of the comments and questions I have seen the choices for a replacement are slim. Some of the names I have seen tossed around; John Kitna, Alex Smith, David Garrard, Jason Campbell and Matt Hasselbeck. See what I mean? None of those QBs are on the same tier as Aaron Rodgers. This time year, you might get lucky and grab one of the aforementioned QBs and play the match up. For example John Kitna this weekend against one of the NFL’s worst pass defenses in the Washington Redskins. Maybe David Garrard coming off an upset win, throwing 3 TDs to beat the Raiders, as Jacksonville faces Indianapolis and another soft secondary. Alex Smith, while impressive against Seattle last weekend with 3 TDs faces a challenge in San Diego against the Chargers.

So the choice is now up to you as you prepare for Week 15 with Rodgers starting status is now up in the air until Wednesday or Thursday. Worst case as an owner is the unknown and having to make the decision to grab that late season back up to keep your playoff run alive. I don’t think I take a chance and NOT grab another QB. So don’t waste another moment, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Maybe at next year’s draft you will consider stashing a back up QB.

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