Round 2: Remodel

It has started. Again! The contractor and adjuster have completed their reports and submitted them to Ameriprise Insurance. This “remodel” (read disaster) has been ongoing since April, 2010. It was no more then 2 days after we got the final piece of carpet installed that the hot/cold water pipes under the slab broke, pooled in the kitchen, entered the walls and soaked the cabinets.

That was October. Now here we are in December and we are still awaiting insurance money to deal with the second remodel that will require all new lower cabinets, Corian counter top, as well as work on all the kitchen walls and floor in order to get the kitchen back to where it was in late October.

The insurance company paid for a partial replumb of the kitchen water supply, but we paid an additional $1000 in order have all the lines redone, as well as a new water heater installed. I felt much better with this option then only a partial anything. I don’t suspect much work will get done until early January.

Why? Because of the red tape and hoops I must jump through in order to get the money. It was the same last time. With any insurance checks cut in excess of $10,000 they are 2-party checks, made out to me and the mortgage company. I expect the first payment next week, but then it’s a 10-14 process with Bank of America, as I must send the check down to Los Angeles to get signed and approved. B of A then cuts me a check, which I take to Wells Fargo. Ah, but it’s not over there. Wells Fargo then holds the check for 5 days because of the large amount *sigh*.

Thus, there will be no new kitchen before January. Oh yeah, it will also take 4-6 weeks for the cabinets to be built and shipped to the house. So if I am lucky it will be February by the time I see the new cabinets and we are ready for installation.

I have spoken to a few suppliers and contractors about the next round of repairs. Our intentions are to stretch the money to finish remodeling the upstairs, which won’t take much more then some new doors, paint, window shades and trim. We might remodel the, what was supposed to be “man cave” (aka movie room), which has suddenly turned into my wife and son’s computer room. This would entail new drywall, running some cable and wiring in the walls for the surround sound, as well as new texture and paint.

With any luck it will be April by the time we are done (for the second time). Now all we need to do is wait for the housing market to start up and we MIGHT be able to sell the house and break even (I doubt it). Our 5 year plan is looking more and more like 10 years, but at least it will be in a house that looks and feels new. Next year I will have to look at getting the exterior fixed and painted.