Fantasy Influence in the NFL?

An interesting topic was brought to light that I had not really seriously considered  until recently. Since subscribing to Fantasy Football Starters, I have become more “enlightened” as it relates to fantasy football with recent discussions that have been brought up.

A recent comment from Michael 8256 discusses an interesting topic that is well worth exploring. The topic was actually asking which QB to start, Kyle Orton or Aaron Rodgers, but here is the comment that transpired.

“I’m in the Orton Camp I think Rodgers chokes in big games on prime time home or not…in fact Jeff brought out an interesting point at the UNOFFICIAL FFS NIGHT @ SANTISI’S.

According to Jeff’s sources and remember he’s pretty connected out there fellas…there’s a consensus out there in the football community that Rodgers is an elite QB but that it is the Fantasy Football people who have helped tab him that way.

Could we 2-million+ plus fantasy geeks have that kinda of impact on and NFL player…you betcha!”

I could not agree more. After 27 years of managing the same league I have seen many NFL players come and go. While Rodgers might be a current example of a player who could be “overrated” in the NFL because of the fantasy football influence I know there are players from years past who could also be considered.

While no players immediately jump to the forefront, I know there are players from years past that were better than they actually were. The argument could be made that there was some influence from fantasy football that attributed to their status in the NFL.

It will be something I explore here in the upcoming weeks as I dig through mounds of data I have collected after many years at this. Could be interesting to see who I think makes the list.

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