Fantasy Kudos

I know it may be redundant hearing about the experiences I am having using a new online resource this year as it relates to fantasy football. Let me preface what I say with this. I am in no way affiliated with Fantasy Football Staters, LLC or Ready-Set-Go Fantasy Sports, LLC, based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

I have been highly impressed with their services and information that contained and shared through out their community. In my 27 years of fantasy football this is the FIRST time I have participated in an online forum format to help in my weekly decisions. Not sure why it has taken so long, but I am pleased with my accomplishments though 4 weeks of the fantasy season.

I only play in two leagues and while I might not be considered a “fanatic” by some I do enjoy banter, interaction and competitiveness fantasy football offers. It’s been a real pleasure to interact with the people of RSGFS, as well as all the members who make this is great site.

I don’t feel my opinions are always right, nor does my crystal ball predict how any week in the NFL will play out. Hell, if that were the case I would be in Vegas betting on the NFL weekly. Fantasy football is no different. No matter how you handicap a match there are too many (800 by Michael’s account) variables that come into play. While 50% maybe the knowledge of the NFL, it’s players and the match ups but there is another 50% that is nothing more than luck.

In order to strengthen a case for a decision, as it relates to a potential starter I usually provide facts and figures. Anyone can spout off, “I would play <insert player name here>.” and move on to another thread to answer another similar question. I have no problems with that, but as a supporter of FFS, I am turning to the users for their reasons why I should play one player over another. I make it a point (most every time) to include my opinion as to why I think a particular player should be consider or not.

Another step to answering a post is to actually doing some research. Look at what this player did against that opponent last year. Look at their stats though the current week. What sort of match up do they face this week? Don’t rule out that “gut feel” when it comes to setting you line up or deciding on a starter.

In an interesting thread I just read from Russ Bliss titled “Fantasy Points Per Game: A Better Way To Determine Matchups,” has added a new tool I have never used or known of before today. Instead of basing a match up on defensive standing (vs. pass or vs. rush), Russ uses a simple formula (read his blog) to calculate FP/PG or “fantasy points allowed per game.”

I will be curious to use this new found formula and apply it to many upcoming threads over who to start. Yet another reason why I feel FFS is well worth the $24.95 (Championship Package) I paid to subscribe to the site. As I have already said, you have won w fantasy owner for life in me. Thanks for all the kudos and enjoyment so far through 4 weeks. I look forward to more wonderful discussion as the NFL season moves forward. Who knows maybe I can make a roadie to Santisi’s and their “Wide Wall of Sports” this season.