K6B: Good Operating!

I have never been the station from which a pile up has built. I have experienced that the past two days, as I call ‘CQ’ as K6B, Kilo-Six-Bravo. This special event call sign is one of approximately 500 stations in the Northern California Contest Club that is “celebrating 40 years of contesting excellence.” I opted for the 1×1 using K6B, since our club motto is “kick butt” I felt the 1×1 call sign was fitting for the special event.

In about 4 hours of operating I have close to 200 QSOs from many amateurs in the United States as well as DX stations from Japan, Hawaii, Argentina, Ireland and most surprisingly Sierra Leone, which was a first for me, operating any mode.

My best hour of operating so far as been a rate of 89/hour, but operating this special event has not been about rate, at least for me. I have tried to make it a point to pull up QRZ info on the station I am talking to and attempting to comment on something in their profile before giving a signal report and moving on.

The event is in full swing, which started on 18 September and goes through 2359 UTC on 01 October, where it will lead into the CQP (California QSO Party), which is sponsored by the NCCC.

So far the main modes I have concentrated on have been SSB and RTTY on 17M and 20M. I was looking for DX yesterday beaming Japan and the South Pacific on 15M and 20M, but had no luck making any contacts.

I do plan on offering a QSL card at the conclusion of the event, as well as uploading my log as K6B to LOTW and eQSL. It will be a very simple design, as I anticipate on using this call sign in the future for club sponsored event, possibly to include CQP. I did plan on operating at K6B for CQP, but might decided to see if I can get the call sign extended for an additional 24 hours just for the event.

It has been a great event and I have met some wonderful hams, then again that is what makes amateur radio a great hobby. Hopefully I have a chance to work many more across the US and abroad as I plan to spend many more hours beginning today, on nearly any band. I think I will give 40M a shot later today on SSB and see if I have any luck. Thanks to all I have contacted. 73.

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