K6B – NCCC 40th Birthday

Outside of the NAQP the past month or so I have not put much time into it. The next event forthcoming is when I will be operating from home as K6B, as the Northern California Contest Club (NCCC) marks 40 years of excellence in amateur radio contesting. I have only been a part of the club since 2008, when I took an interest in contest.

To help celebrate club members will be operating using a “/40” behind their call sign or a special 1×1 call sign, as I decided to get. The recommended exchange will be to give RS(T) and California county. Work 40 California stations and you have earned some wallpaper. Work all 58 counties in California and qualify for the WACC (Worked All California Counties), sponsored by the NCCC. The event begins 0000 UTC September 18 and lasts until 2359 UTC October 1, 2010.

For more information check out all the details at the NCCC.

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