August 2010 North American QSO Party – SSB

Contest:North American QSO Party
Date: August 21,  2010
Mode: SSB
Period: Starts 1800 UTC Saturday; ends 0600 UTC Sunday

40 / 10 / 6
20 / 124 / 37
TOTAL: 134  QSO / 43 MULTS
SCORE: 5,762 (TIME ON: 6 H 50 Mn)

SOAPBOX: pfft…I learned something, STU is not the name to use on SSB. I had too many repeats asking for my name. I had others who mistook STU for STEVE. Much like the last few NAQPs I had great intentions of “BIC” for 10 hours, unfortunately circumstances changed and I could only put in 6.5 hours. Seems my wife dropped a birthday celebration for her father, so I could not work much on 40M or any on 80M. Apologies to Team #2 not getting in the full 10 hours.

Much like previous attempts I was not able to get any good frequencies runs going. I had two such attempts, which netted me a grand total of 18 Qs in 15 minutes. Like I said not much to write home about. I am sure it is still the height of the hex beam (20′) that continues to hamper my contribution in all contests.

S&P was only a bit better through out the day. I had hoped to find some joy on 15M and 10M, but both were crap from my QTH. I could not hear a thing, so it was all 20M, all day. I moved to 40M just after 0000 in an attempt to work some mults before shutting down for the evening. It was noisy from my QTH, and while I heard some good signals I could not be heard. It was my intention to work the last 4 hours of the contest, but as circumstances had it, I got no time in on 80M and only 50 minutes on 40M.

Regardless, I still had a good time through out the day. I think I worked all the stations in TX early on in the contest, LOL. I had a very hard time hearing any stations in Canada this weekend. I did work BC, ON and NS, but nothing heard from any of the others. I guess it’s time to break down and buy that Rohn H50 mast in an attempt to get the hex at the roof line of the second story.

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