Contest: RSGB IOTA
Date: July 24-25, 2010
Mode: Mixed
Period: Starts 1200 UTC Saturday; ends 1200 UTC Sunday

40 / 3 / 3 / 7 / 5
20 / 20 / 8 / 34 / 15
15 / 0 / 0 / 1 / 1
TOTAL: 23 / 11 / 42 / 21 = 603 points
SCORE: 19,296 (TIME ON: 10 H 33 Mn)

SOAPBOX: I decided to participate in the RSGB IOTA Contest. While I was not going to active any island, it was still an enjoyable contest to participate in. I was not making anything resembling a serious effort. It was a chance to work some DX and log some new IOTA. I did record 23 DXCC entities on CW and SSB.

Conditions were not ideal, obviously. I found quite a bit of noise on 20M when I started working that band from 40M at the start of the contest at 1200z. I think this contest coupled with the NAQP a few weeks back just reinforced what I already know. I need to get the hex higher. Still it was a good time, working to make a contact. Some of the stations in the Pacific I worked were a definite challenge. Oddly enough I did not work one KH6 station on 15/20/40M. I did see a spot for K6NA on 15M, but when I got there the frequency was quiet, then again 15M was not great.

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