2010 WPX Award

I happen to have some free time while working today and I was flipping pages of the July 2010 CQ magazine. I had already read the write up by Ed, W0YK on the 2010 CQWW WPX Contest that took place this past February. What I missed was the fact I took home my first award. Yup, I had to look at the scores but there it was W6ONV in bold letters.

This was one of those contests I wrote about February 11 where my goals could see me achieve my first award, based on the final scores from 2009. As luck would have it I surpassed all my goals and I was justly rewarded. The award will be low power, all band in W6. Okay, so it’s not the US or North American, but just California.

Contesting is about competition, in my case it is about competing with myself achieving the goals I set. I know I won’t win any major contests, but that’s okay. I am pleased to hang my first award on the wall in the shack knowing I did well. Next year will be the challenging to see if I can break my record, win W6 and post a higher score.

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