WPX Goals: Part 3

I have spent more time moving numbers, changing bands and modifying off times for the upcoming CQ World-Wide WPX next weekend. After reading the PDF files from K6MM and N6BV I have reworked my figures, but the goals remain constant; final score of 1,000,000 points, 1000 QSOs, 2000 QSO points and 500 prefixes.

The biggest change the past few days has been changing my off times, based on a comment from N6BV in response to my e-mail with my WPX plan. From the start of the contest (0000z) until 1800z I won’t take a break. This should get me a good start on 20/40/80M, with a chance to pick up some contacts on 15M. Current plans call for two, six hour breaks from 1800z-0000z. If the bands are hot on Saturday, then I will continue working 20M with occasional checks on 15M.

With any luck I can achieve my goal before the end of WPX on Sunday at 2359z. Based on my off times, my contest would end at 1800z because I am still in need of 6 hours off. With any luck I won’t have any interruptions from my XYL or son, but I know that is unrealistic. Thankfully working the low bands when everyone is sleeping will allow me to maximize my score and give me some time in the morning on Saturday and Sunday before taking my time off.

N6WM, who will be manning K6LRG e-mailed me about coming to work a multi operation with them. Unfortunately, I don’t feel my CW skills are strong enough to work in this sort of environment. Maybe when my skills improve (as they would in a multi setting) I would consider lending my time to a “team” effort in a contest like there, where a multi operator station can work the entire 48 hours.