10′ Higher

They say size matters when it comes to amateur radio, taller towers get better reception. Okay, so I don’t consider my mast a tower, but under the circumstances I must do the best with what I have. I picked up my Rohn H20 from N6WM a few months back and mounted my 5-band hex beam, topping out at approximately 20′. More recently a non-active ham gave me (That is FREE folks) a boatload of antennas, tripods and a 20′ mast.

Today I decided to add another 10′ section of mast to my existing mast. Currently I am about 25′ high, but am able to push it up another 5-10′. Hopefully this addition will get my above or at least even with my roof line when WPX and subsequent contests roll around. I would be happy if I can get 35′ on a consistent basis, but that is not really possible.

The first test will be to see if the XYL notices that the antenna is sitting higher above the garage. She is keen to minor changes, but I think I can get this one by here. When it is down, like it is now, it is not much higher than it was. But you will see a noticeable change when I extended it higher. Will it help in WPX? Should help me a bit, as higher is better, though I don’t think it will make a huge difference.