Insurance: The Waiting Game

Next time (hopefully there won’t be a next time) when disaster strikes in the house I am going to make damn sure it ruins a substantial portion of the dwelling. It has been nearly 3 weeks since I sent in the two-party check to Bank of America. Why the hell has it taken this long is beyond me. I have made three phone calls to B of A and when I called on the 12th, which was nearly 2 weeks a check had still not been cut. Thankfully today when I called I was told the check was cut on the 17th. Now when it gets to me, that is another question.

All work on the house has been on hold. I am STILL waiting for the clean up company to return to demo a portion of the bathroom, which has mold in it. Allegedly, I told the clean up guys I did not want the work done, so when they submitted paperwork to the insurance company they did not pay the bill. WTF? I spoke with the agent yesterday and she was going to call them and get them to the house. When? I don’t know.

My wife and son leave at the end of this week, so I will start to demo the downstairs walls in the dining room, pantry and entryway. With any luck I can get this down in about 6 hours and then take the next few days putting up new drywall.

I will be calling the contractor in the next few days to get an estimate on replacing a sliding glass door and a door leading to the garage (fire rated). As long as I can get the holes covered up by the time the wife gets home (in 7 days) thing should be on the upswing.

We still need to look at tile and carpet, as well as paint colors. While we have discussed kitchen cabinets, there has been nothing finalized on the kitchen at this point. We do agree we NEED new cabinets! And a new dishwasher. Just add that to the ever growing list of things we need.

Hopefully the demolition goes without incident. I don’t foresee any problems, but you never know. There are some minor repairs that need to be done before I get all the drywall up. I know of at least one pipe that needs to be fixed, as well as the HVAC duct and I need to move the alarm closer to the front door.