Contesting: Send Your Log In!

Okay, so after 18 hours or more competing in a contest you deserve a well taken break. One hour here and there through out a long haul contest of 48 hours is not much time. But once the contest is over, it is time to do some paperwork. Unfortunately, I am learning this the hard way. N6WM posted a message on the NCCC Reflector this afternoon that the preliminary results from the NCJ NAQP RTTY Contest had been posted.

This was one of two contests I entered in February running low power (NAQP is only 100w), the other was WPX because my linear amp had been sent in for repairs. I was hoping for a good showing and improving on 2009 numbers. At the end of 10 hours I worked 342 contacts for a score of 46,854 points. I spent hours going over the log making sure I got all the information imported into my logbook, as well as sending in my scores to 3830 Reflector and to the NCCC.

Somewhere along the line it seems I forgot to submit the log to NCJ. Scrolling through sent e-mails I see documents to the two aforementioned sites, but nothing to NCJ. Which leads me to one of two conclusions. First, I used their online log submission at the NCJ site and did not fill it out completely and was rejected or I flat out forgot. I don’t know which it was.

Regardless of the end result I made the blunder, which leads me to this. Make sure you have your log submitted as soon as possible when the contest ends. Make sure you receive a confirmation e-mail via a contest robot (if applicable). Thankfully my points were not enough to receive any individual awards, but my team (NCCC #2) and club, the NCCC. It would have improved out team score to 224,231 points, good for 7th in the USA, as opposed to 11th without my log. Personally I would have ended up with the 10th best score in California as well.

So I learned another contesting lesson the hard way. This was not the first time I have had submission issues. Ed, W0YK brought another RTTY contesting issue to my attention when a group of QSOs were completed, after the end time. The problem? Not sure, I believe my PC clock was incorrect resulting in problems. Hopefully lessons learned like this help others avoid repeating them.