CQWW WPX: Coming Soon

The NCCC held it’s monthly meeting this past Monday and the presentations centered around The 2010 CW World-Wide WPX Contest. This time around it is the CW version of the contest after the SSB that took place back in March. Our club is looking to take back a club victory after a long streak of wins by our East Coast rivals, PVRC. As luck would have it, the last time we won the club competition, we (they, since I was not in the club) set a new world record. Since then we have been chasing.

John, K6MM made a great statistical presentation and got inside the numbers so to speak. I decided to sit down and build a small spreadsheet in which I could juggle numbers in hopes of setting a personal best score for WPX. Looking back at my 2009 numbers I find it hard to believe I spent 17 hours in this contest and logged only 230 QSOs. This time around I am planning for a full 36 hour sit, taking 6 hours off for rest. The off time could change due to other personal commitments and if my XYL and son are home. If everything goes as planned, I will be holed up in the shack with the dogs.

While I have not finalized my personal goals as the contest is still some 2 weeks away. Currently I have goals of 259,200 points with 720 QSOs and 360 PFX. This QSO number would equate to a 20/hour rate, which is more than possible. Doing the math on the 2009 contest I was doing a 13/hour rate, so my numbers are well within reach. I am not planning on running a frequency either. That is NOT the way to score as high as possible, but I feel more comfortable in a S&P mode when operating CW.

So I will play with the numbers work on a goal that is challenging, but attainable. Right now I am modifying the numbers and 1210 QSOs would be a hell of a stretch for me in 36 hours. While not overly difficult at about 33/hour I will find 40M and more so 80M very challenging. Chances are I will run high power with the Alpha 76PA in line in order to achieve my best score.

I Got a Driver!

So I received a phone call yesterday from my sister, who lives in Virginia. I had called her a month or so ago asking if she would be my driver for the CQP in October, which is sponsored by the Northern California Contest Club. She was my back up plan if my buddy in SoCal could now do it. She came through yesterday and said she would drive so I could participate in this yearly contest, which lasts for 30 hours. I am attempting to plan a 900 mile loop in Northern California that would take me through parts of 27 or the 58 California counties.

To date I have about 300 miles of the journey planned out using a .KMZ file and Google Earth. There are still many logistics and details to work out. While I have the mobile radio installed (Yaesu FT-857D) along with the antenna (ATAS-120A) I might need to add a few more antennas to the back of the truck for this contest specifically. I will be limited to 100 watts, but should be able to secure some mountain top locations from which to call.

I have no idea on the number of contacts I could make, but I would like to estimate a figure that would make this all worth my while. One of the other problems I am facing is the fact the cab of my 2007 Ford Ranger is rather tight and limited on space. So being able to take more equipment with me is not a real possibility, but I am still working on how to organize the cab. So lots going on as we move towards October.