Going Mobile

Since purchasing my (new) used 2007 Ford Ranger back in September, 2009 I decided not to put my Yaesu FT-7800R back in. I have never really been impressed with the local repeater action we have in NoCal. The one repeater I enjoy listening in on is in the shadow of a very loud repeater. This had me looking towards going HF in the truck. For a size comparison I took my IC-718 to the truck and how it would fit. I knew this would be too large of a rig to use effectively, so I started reading sites and reviews on what mobile to go with.

I came down to two rigs…actually one, the Yaesu FT-857D, which is a mobile version of the FT-897. Unfortunately, the last thing I need right now is another radio! I have been reading all the information provided by Alan at K0BG as it relates to mobile installs. Unlike the 2m rig I had previously, I would like to take my time and “do it right” with regards to this 857D installation.

As of now, I still don’t have a line on a rig, but I might have a possible ATAS-120A from a NCCC club member. As I understand it, he no longer needs it since he took out his -857D (wouldn’t you know it, he sold his other -857D). I have put up my FT-7800R and RigBlaster PRO for sale on the QRZ Forums. As of today, not even a nibble on either item. I am considering selling my IC-718, LDG Z-100 auto tuner, a Hustler 6-BTV and SignaLink USB as a package deal, figuring I could get a price that is close to the suggested retail of a Yaesu FT-897D.

None of that equipment is currently being used, although my 4 year old son has been told that is his radio. Now to get him licensed. LOL! I do believe that package would make a great starter kit for any newly licensed General or someone looking to get on HF with digital modes. Trade? Possibly. You can read about the items under ‘FOR SALE‘ you can see the FT-7800R and the Rigblaster over on the QRZ Forums under For Sale.