Jumper Cables

Now that I have the new 35′ LMR400 cable connected from the hex beam to the rig, it is time to go back, disconnect the antenna and using a multimeter test the newly soldered PL-259 connectors. This should have been done prior to connecting it, but I was in somewhat of a rush to get back on the air last night. With three contacts made, JA6ZPR, RW0SR and XE2AUD,I guess we could say the cable was working, all this off 100% using RTTY. But testing it will just (hopefully) confirm what I know, I do have good connections on the center pin and the braid.

Time permitting I will attack the BigIR and remove some 20′ of LMR400 and solder a new PL-259 connector to it. While I had planned on using RG8 for my jumpers, I should have enough LMR400 (cut from the feed line to the BigIR) that I can make 6 short jumpers for the cable runs between the rig, amp and watt meter.

I still don’t have soldering down, there seems to be an art or science to it that I have not achieved. I am sure it will take some time and more practice on pieces of cable in order to clean up my soldering. So with any luck I can be connecting new cables to my equipment, as we are now 7 days from Sweepstakes SSB. I plan on working 20 hours, 24 if possible and having a better showing than I did for the CW portion. More on that later this week.