UVerse: Continued RFI Problems

I would like to point the finger at myself and tell everyone (this includes my loving wife) the RFI problems we are experiencing are in fact problems because of my shack. but further digging and continued reading seems to indicate these are AT&T’s problems and noise made by amateur operators continue to fall on deaf ears. My wife is a trooper and I am sure I press the issue when I am operating, chasing XR0Y and I get her yelling because I keep resetting the VDSL gateway supplied by AT&T when I transmit with the Alpha 76PA in line.

This RFI issues have not been apparent until recently with the addition of a SteppIR BigIR and a newly built 5-band hex beam. I have called or answered CQ on 15/20/40/80 and all those bands cause problems. The operating mode, RTTY, CW or SSB do not matter. Sure I can run 25 watts and PSK31 and I am fine. But there are times where 1000 watts is needed. Hello XR0Y! I tried pushing my luck yesterday on 40M CW with the amp on going through the BigIR. Unfortunately, it did not work. The wife was looking at me and she was not happy.

This seems to be a KNOWN ISSUE but the responsibility seems to fall on us, the amateur operators as opposed to a big telco, like AT&T. I would like to say I never had this problem when we had Comcast, but honestly that would not be a fair statement because I never had the linear when we had Comcast. So I cannot say for sure there would not be problems.

As late as May, 2009 from the ‘Boat Anchors Owners and Collectors List’ there is a quote from W1PE, “I had ordered ATT U Verse to be installed today.Tech got here a bit ago and took one look at the shack and said NO CAN INSTALL you are a Ham Radio Operator and will kick the you know what out of our system. The U Verse cannot be close to any RF Environment.” This theme seems to echo through out a number of links I continue to pull up.

One possible solution comes from Indianapolis Radio Club and a write up on RFI mods for AT&T Uverse. KC9DSI and KC9KZM put together a field test with some modifications in order to alleviate the RFI issues. You can read about their mods at, RFI Mods for ATT U-Verse. Not sure if this would void any service warranty from AT&T, then again their tech service has been horrible since day one, so I really don’t care what they say if I attempt these same “upgrades” or modifications in an attempt to correct THEIR issue. If they do, then I pull all the wires and dump their service. Easy enough.

I think I will first try moving the location of the gateway from the old ham shack, which was the spare bedroom upstairs as it sits nearly on top of the new shack, below in the garage. I don’t expect this to remedy the problem. I will also stop by FRY’s on the way home and pick up some ferrite. The last attempt will be modifying the box at the entrance to the house. If none of that works, then AT&T UVerse can kiss my ass because we will be changing back to the overloaded Comcast node in our area.