Calling CQ from Barbados (8P9)

I worked Peter, 8P9NX last week on 20M RTTY. After I was done playing radio in the shack I started filling in all the details in the QSOs I had made in AC Log. I pulled up Peter’s info at QRZ and read about a “holiday cottage” for rental in Barbados. While he did not own the property, he knows the individual who did and would help any would be tourist. The best part, the cottage is ham friendly!

I received an e-mail from Peter after my initial inquiry to possibly getting a vacation setup to Barbados sometime next year. It seemed he would do much of the prep work, installing antennas, running cables and helping get a temporary license. I like the ring of 8P9ST (my initials).

So my next move to ask my XYL, “So would you like to take a vacation to Barbados?” Of course she responds cautiously with, “Why?” Guess she was on to me and knew something was up, but I did mention it was a ham radio friendly environment, but Barbados offered so much more, in terms of a vacation destination.

Thankfully Peter has now referred me to ND3F, Brian who has been using this cottage for some 8 years, usually for CQWW CW. He speaks very highly of the entire experience and it just strengthens my thoughts that this could be a reality next year for vacation. Of course I would not be able to operate 24/7 for our stay, not sure my XYL would take too kindly to that.

While 2010 is not that far off, I am still accruing vacation time that went wasted earlier this year when I was out of work for just about 3 weeks due to ACL surgery. With any luck I will reporting we are boarding an airplane bound for JFK or MIA and then on to Barbados sometime next year. Sounds like fun to me.