Netflix: Stargate SG-1

I may have spoken about this before, but it is slipping my mind at the moment. I know I have discussed Netflix before. I think this is an excellent service to subscribe to on a monthly basis. Currently I am allowed to have 3 movies at my house at any one time. I could increase that to 4, but it really isn’t worth the added cost.

What few problems I have had, such as an incorrect disk or a disk that did not play and even one that turned up missing were all replaced with no questions asked. Awesome service. While I have rated 549 movies, I have probably received via mail half that many since I have been a Netflix member. While many of the movies in my queue are movies, I have been able to catch up on television series. From BBC hits like Red Dwarf to obscure 90’s sci-fi and even current hits like CSI.

Currently I am traveling with SG1 through the Stargate and have just finished the 4th season. This is an excellent sci-fi series that ran for 10 years, with numerous movies, as well as an offshoot series called Stargate: Atlantis.

SG1 is led by MacGyver…okay, Richard Dean Anderson, but all of us 80’s kids grew up with MacGyver. He leads a group of individuals who use a star gate to travel the universe. The character makeup of the team is great. They all have something unique they bring to the team to make it a whole. Major Samantha Carter is knowledgeable in physics, while Dr. Daniel Jackson is an archaeologist. Teal’c brings a unique character to the screen, known as a Jaffa and a traitor (or Shol’va) by his kind.

The common enemy of SG1 (US Air Force), who make their center of operations Cheyenne Mountain are a symbiotic people known as the Goa’uld. They are sometimes know as the system lords who control portions of the galaxies and are usually in battle against each other as well as SG1.

There are many references to “the ancients” as well as Egypt through out Stargate: SG1. If you have not brushed up on your ancient Egyptian Gods, it would be interesting to see some of the parallels that are drawn in this series (as well as the movie, starring Kurt Russell and James Spader). The Annunaki were known as “ancients” who traveled using a “stargate.” Some interesting stuff.

Much like Space: Above and Beyond, SG1 was a show before it’s time. Not really sure why I never got into it, I am sure it had something to do with not watching much TV in my 30s, but this show has been a wonderful escape while maintaining some reality to it.

I look forward to the next 6 seasons, as well as the two movies and the Stargate Atlantis series. Coming in October on SyFy Channel is Stargate: Universe. While it might not have any of the characters I have grown to love in SG1 it will still be a show to watch and see if it matches or exceeds the expectations.

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