Not sure how I missed this week long event, but somehow I missed reading the article in the recent (September 2009) QST Magazine, sponsored by the ARRL. The article was talking about an “event” sponsored by the league celebrating Hiram Percy Maxim’s 140th birthday in which individuals could participate, chasing a certificate (25 or more QSOs) from the ARRL.

It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon did I finally find the article and read it, but I chased a few stations on the following day and only finished with 11 QSOs. The article had a list of “eligible amateurs” for example, I am a Life Member of the ARRL and a Volunteer Examiner. It was great fun chasing stations yesterday as I was able to log some new and needed stations on both 20M and 40M.

I did hear some calling it a contest, but it did not have that sort of feel to it. It was much more relaxing, spinning the dial in search of stations not yet worked. As has been typical most all of my time was spent on 20M, but I did see and hear stations on 40M. I seemed to have missed the run using PSK31. I saw many stations early in the week calling CQ /140 but I had no idea what is was and didn’t want to ask (must be a man thing…LOL).

All in all a fun event while I played in it yesterday in between working in the yard. Hopefully there are more events in this vein sponsored by the ARRL.