Time. More Time.

It never seems I have enough time to get everything I need to do accomplished. As I have mentioned many times before when I run of of time it is my site that suffers. I have much content to upload, as well as updates to the site to do, but time is something that is currently precious and I have none to put into it. But with that said I will bring you up to date on the current happenings.

First football…no, not the NFL, but REAL football is back as the Prem and now all the other worldwide leagues have kicked off their seasons. Unfortunately, my boys at AS Roma are now 0-2, the manager resigned and the fans are pissed off at ownership. Hell, almost sounds like an NFL franchise. LOL.

Speaking of NFL, we did hold our 26th TFL draft the last week of August in Vegas, poolside at The Palms. It was another great time with many friends I had not seen to spoke to since the last draft in 2008. Always fun to get together with childhood friends and reminiscence. Unfortunately, we were one owner short, but hopefully we will see him next year. We did add two new owners, so for the first time in the TFL we have 10 owners, which made the draft interesting.

I am slowly mitigating my computers to Ubuntu (currently running Jaunty Jackolope v9.04). I downloaded 9.04 after having issues with my Toshiba laptop loosing my profile and then not being able to find the Ethernet controller. I reinstalled from a retail version of Windows Vista with no luck. Then attempted to reinstall from the DVDs that came with the laptop. Again, no go. So I said fuck it and removed Windows. Buh bye Bill Gates and this horrible operating system.

So far I have been impressed with Ubuntu and recalls my memories of running many of the older Mac OSes I grew up with. So far the laptop is the only system running Linux, but it is just a matter of time before I change my two other computers. The great thing I notice about Ubuntu, it had an entire section for amateur radio that was included!

Speaking of ham radio…the new vertical antenna is now up and completed. Well mostly. I am still working on the ground system to the best of knowledge. I am guessing it is not completely correct, but would be deemed better than nothing. I am still having issues with reception on the SteppIR BigIR. Of course with sunspots being nil it has been difficult to make many contacts on SSB, but have had some luck using CW and a few of the digital modes.

I have an email out to a friend (N6WM) who uses a SteppIR at their club station, in the hopes he can come over and provide some pointers to me. This new station is a bit more than what I originally started with in 2007 with a Icom IC-718 and a Hustler 6-BTV. The current station consists of a Yaesu FT-1000MP, SteppIR BigIR MkIII and an Alpha 76PA. Under the right conditions a very powerful station, but given my limitations in the backyard I don’t have the necessary room to run full length radials.

Finally Facebook…I know I was somewhat against the social networking but just yesterday I was reunited with a long lost aunt, Pam, who oddly enough still lives in the bay area. I recall hearing of her back in the late 80’s or early 90’s. As I understand it, she is my dad’s half-sister as they share the same father. So it was great to hear from her, as I said oddly enough through Facebook.

As for the site, don’t get me started one of these days when I am really bored I will update content on the site. Maybe I need to starting bringing the laptop to work again to get some work done during the week. Anyway, that brings me up to date. More later…