WPX 6th HamCAM

The 6thHamCAM is online for much of this weekend as I will be participating in the CQWW WPX CW Contest. I am looking forward to the fun of operating in this contest. You won’t hear much since it all done using Morse code, but you might find the conversation I have with myself interesting. Enjoy. I will linger in the chat room when I am operating as well. Watch from the screen above or go to w6onv.camstreams.com.


Probably the last big contest for a few months as we are about 3.5 hours away from the CQWW WPX – CW Contest. This is where operators worldwide work prefixes, basically everybody works everybody! This is a very enjoyable contest. I am looking to hopefully round out my needed contacts for the ARRL Triple Play Award, needing about 15 states. I am also hoping to log some new DXCC entities.

I have been following the SFI, A and K indexes, right now and while they are on the rise and conditions on 20M have been very good this week there won’t be great expectations. Hopefully the improvements to the antenna system will show a bit more promise. Regardless I am not setting my expectation level all that high. It is very realistic at about 200-250 contacts, depending how much time I get on Friday and Saturday. I did take Sunday off, so I will get a bit of extra time to play on Saturday.

Regardless of how I do and what new entities I log I am excited to finally have another contest in sight. The rig is ready, Win-Test is ready and all my CW macros are ready. Yeah, sorry purists, in a contest it is all computer generated CW, not key or bug.