Ah shit…here we go again another remake coming to NBC. This time the powers that be think it’s a good time to remake the 1984-1985 weekly television series, V. Yeah, I know many of your think I am completely against remakes, especially good shows and movies from the 80s. Guess I am partial to that decade, go figure. Not sure how re-adaptation will turn out, it just baffles the mind again, that Hollywood can not come up with any original material Here is the trailer:


Considering I am a UFO, alien, conspiracy nut one would think I would be excited to see this series updated and make to television. In all honesty I will probably skip it first time around and catch it in syndication on the Sci-Fi Channel or from Netflix. My interest is piqued, but not enough to follow the weekly series. I have no doubt the updated, remake, re-adaptation will be visually stunning and the “Visitors” will be more lizard like in appearance when they are discovered. Nonetheless it is just another remake that deserves its place in line, behind the original.