ACL Update: 2 Months Later

After 2 months, the knee is doing…eh…I fear using the term great, but it is doing okay. The flexibility and strength are coming along nice, so says my physical therapist. So good in fact I only see her three more times and I am done with directed PT. It will then be up to me to strength and work the knee back into playing shape.

Unfortunately, after talking to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday, he is referring me to a neurologist to further exam the numbness and tingling issue in my knee and right foot. After some discussion yesterday he requested an x-ray of the lower back to make sure it was not at the heart of the issue and causing the problems. As I reiterated to him, I have no lower back pain and the x-rays confirmed it.

So further discussion and we decided to give EMG (Electromyogram) and Nerve Conduction Studies a chance. EMG measures electrical activity in muscles and nerves, while the never conduction studies measure how well and how fast the nerves can send electrical signals.

He did mention this procedure could come back with results being “normal” and not tell us anything new. Hopefully it reveals something new we did not know from the x-rays or MRI (pre-operation). I don’t even know if another MRI is warranted, as he did not mention it during our appointment. No word on when it occurs, as I am waiting for a call from the neurologist.