Burned Up

Not sure of the when and how, but I noticed some burn marks on my Hustler 6-BTV above the 20M trap this morning. Guess I should have taken a closer look last night when I noticed one of the guy wires on the ground. What I didn’t realize was this wire was burned off, but didn’t realize it until I went outside this morning to reguy is.

Trying to pinpoint when this could of happened as I only operated for about 10 minutes last night, calling CQ on 20M and a quick QSO with KH6QR. I will have to open up the 20M trap and see if there is any scorching in there. I also think I see some burning at the base. *sigh* Guess there was a reason to look for an upgrade on the 6-BTV with the SteppIR BigIR.

More information when I pull the antenna down…