Knee Update

I wish I could say things were progressing well…in a way they are. The two physical therapists I am working with think we are making good progress as flexibility is improving weekly and we are now turning our attention to strengthening the knee. Unfortunately there are still some issues that are continuing to plague my comfort.

Surgery was on March 17 and it’s been approximately 6 weeks recovering so far. There is still a numbness on the right side of the knee that extends down towards the top portion of the calf. The other more annoying pain is still in my right foot. Daily there is a sharp and constant stabbing pain between the big toe and the adjoining toe. At night, after any period on my feet or sitting with the knee bent (work) the entire foot starts throbbing.

I am a few weeks short of my next doctor’s appointment, at that time I hope he makes a decision or provides a referral to a neurologist. Living daily with this pain is very frustrating and painful. I can deal with the numbness, but the stabbing pain is uncomfortable and in my opinion unnecessary. I don’t think doctor’s ever admit they could have made a mistake, even if I would be “the first in 25 years.” There has to be a first, hopefully it is not me, but I still think this is a unnecessary after effect from the surgery.