Great Radio Weekend

I had to take advantage of the time off from work due to the continuing problems in my right knee and right foot, so what better way to spend the time than off my feet and in front of the radio! It was a very enjoyable radio weekend with three separate QSO parties as well as a county hunters contest and a DX contest.

The main objective this weekend was to log states on SSB, CW and digital that I did not have as I work my way towards the ARRL Triple Play. Still have a way to go, but I was able to lock up a total of 9 QSOs between CW and SSB. As luck would have it I spent most of my time giving out points in the ‘7QP‘ which was then entire 7th call district. Activity was plentiful, but damned if it was rare to see a call from Nevada. I think I logged one, the entire time, a SSB QSO with N7UR.

Luckily later in the day the Indiana QSO Party started up as well and I only needed a SSB contact and K9SG was a strong ’59’ into California, so I locked up another needed contact. While these two QSO parties were going on the New England QSO Party started .

I was in need of some contacts in the New England states and aside from a digital contact from Maine I was able to finish up many needed QSOs from that geographical region. Forgive me, I thought Delaware was in the New England states. Silly me. Of course I still need Delaware for my WAS. *sigh*

The other contest going on was the MARAC, which centered about mobile (and fixed) stations logging counties in the USA, especially for those chasing a USA-CA (worked all counties 3,077). I was able to get some needed states (as well as counties) like West Virginia, which I had not contacted in 2009. Thankfully I knocked out a SSB contact with a mobile unit.

DX was solid as well, but I am at a bit of a disadvantage due to the antenna situation, but if I can hear a station I SHOULD be able to work that station. I did log my first contact with Italy, IQ9PA as well as Brazil, PT7CB, both on 20M SSB. Later that evening KH7XS was a solid “30 over 9” into the west coast.

So it was a very relaxing and enjoyable radio weekend. I was able to work SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31 during all the contests, which hopefully helps me as an operator. I still seem to have some issues with the ALC with transmitting CW macros from the computer, which I will need to look into. Now to do all the paperwork…

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