Alpha Update: 1.7

N4UQ, Richard Byrd has completed the work on my ETO Alpha 76PA linear amplifier and it is being shipped back by UPS and should arrived by the close of business on Friday.

The amp is in very good shape and ready for action. The tubes are excellent.
While it is an early edition of the 76A, it has been well cared for.

A test data sheet is located just under the box lid. This shows my dummy load settings for the load and tune control at the full 100 drive level. You don’t have to run it that hard but it can take it.

The work completed on the Alpha 76PA is as follows:

-Replaced HV capacitors and equalizing resistors;
-Replaced HV bypass capacitors at PA choke;
-Replaced burned R116 on power supply board;
-Replaced R111 with standoffs (pc board slightly scorched);
-Replaced Q103 lamp driver with proper type transistor;
-Replaced frayed AC cord;
-Replaced 2 green meter lamps; (out of stock, sorry);
-Corrected wiring on the ON/OFF switch assembly (to prevent damage if both buttons are pressed simultaneously);
-Installed PA current meter doubler shunt;
-Replaced odd and missing cabinet screws;
-Tuned, tested and documented all bands except 12 meters.

I highly recommend the services of Richard Byrd, N4UQ. While I have not used the amp yet, but he has provided me detailed e-mails and kept me up to date every step the way. I wish there were more individuals like this who provided such outstanding service. Look for my review on eHam shortly.

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