Surgery Scheduled

It had been a week since I found out my ACL and meniscus in my right knee were torn, courtesy of hyper-extending it during an indoor soccer match. That was last October, yet I continued to play through February of this year until I found out about the damage. The MRI revealed the damage and the doctor said surgery would be the only way to correct the problem.

I called the doctor’s office today, just a few minutes prior to the surgery scheduler calling me to confirm the insurance company will pick up the bill. She provided me a date of March 17, yeah St. Patrick’s Day. Guess it is a good thing I am not Irish, no green beer for me. LOL. I have a pre-operation appointment for March 16 and then it is out of work for an extended period. I did inquire if 5 days was realistic, and the scheduler said the doctor would know better, but 5 is not too realistic. So I assume I will be out closer to 2 weeks.

Guess many projects around the house will go unfinished, like the upstairs bathroom. Thankfully my son can use his tub and I have most all of the drywall up and the sub-floor in. As spring is just around the corner I am sure it is prime time for the weeds to start up in the backyard, as well as the time to plant new flora and fauna. Guess that too will have to wait.

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