ACL: Game Over

While my wife has already said, “I told you so.” I got the official word today from the orthopedic surgeon regarding my knee. Last week he sent me for an MRI on my right knee, which was injured back in October, 2008. I still remember how and when I did it, during an indoor soccer match.

The doctor wasted little time when he walked into the exam room today and said, “Hey Champ, bad news.” Right then I knew there were problems. He asked how and what I did to injure the knee and then confirmed the worse case scenario. I have a torn ACL and a tear to the meniscus in the right knee.

After going over the ligaments and how they connect to the knee and going over the MRI, he gave me my options at this point. Since I cannot function daily without problems I have chosen to have the “elective” surgery. If it were a case of being able to go about and do things without the worry of the ACL I probably would have selected no surgery.

Since I continue to have the knee give out, for example, my tumble down the last few stairs a few weeks ago, I don’t see any other option for me. So after talking it over with him, he gave me a timeline as to what would happen. It could be upwards of 18 months before the knee is fully rehabbed. This means soccer as I know it is most likely over for me at age 39. I am not sure I want to take the chance of reinjurying it.

Outside of selecting a date is rather I want to use tissue from a cadaver or my own tissue. Of course I talked it over with my wife and she wants my own tissue used, which means they will use a piece of tendon from my right knee to replace the ACL.

So before this week is up I am guessing I will be working on scheduling surgery for my right knee. At this point in time, it really is the only option. I cannot continue on with the pain I feel, daily as well as the possibility of it going out when I least expect it.

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