Worked Europe!

This weekend was the BARTG RTTY Sprint. I had looked at it and really did not pay much attention to it. But when I did not go to work on Saturday I fired up the IC-718 and the HF bands were filled with RTTY signals. Makes me wish I would have paid more attention, but with that said I did play radio. Since I did not plan on participating I had not really set any goals, but I did obtain 50 QSOs while playing.

Europe was strong when I got on 20M around 1545 (24th January), two minutes later I made my first QSO. It was another first for me because I worked OK3R, which is the contest call sign of OK1DVM. This was my first contact with a European station, which also (once confirmed) will get my my first award, the WAC Award. That would be the only EU contact of the day, but did work Alaska, Argentina, Canada and Japan in my short time operating.