DX-EE Goes Inverted

After having the DX-EE hanging approximately 20′ high in all its glory I decided to drop the antenna and remove the supports, as I told the HOA I would do. That lasted all of about 7 days, as I raised a single posted and hoisted the DX-EE to the top and ran the legs out in the inverted vee position. Supposedly this is a better position to have the antenna, as it gives you more directionality (if I read correctly) than a flat top dipole. I have to admit, the flat top sure was nice after using the 6-BTV. I have only made a single QSO on the inverted vee today, it was a K2 in New York.

So we will run with the DX-EE in this position through the weekend and see how it goes. I did not really do any substantial planning, so I might just be warming clouds with the antenna if I have an overall angle of greater than 110 degrees. I don’t think that is the case, but I need to sit down and figure out the hardcore numbers and see if this is viable or if I will need to raise it higher (which I wanted to do).

Interesting QSO last night on 40M, as KH6MB was calling CQ on the CW portion of the band. Since I did not have Hawaii on 40M CW I decided to respond. He gave me a 599, as he had a very strong, clean and clear signal to the West Coast. I replied with the same RST. Interesting thing to note. I had the incorrect antenna selected, I thought it was the vertical, but it was nothing more than the coil of coax sitting in a pile on the back porch. Things that make you go, “hmmm…”