Upcoming Maintenance

Time permitting will be taking T6F offline for a period of time in order to perform some upgrades. For those hams who have visited recently, I have been updating the Contesting link. As of now I have not provided any of the contest information I participated in. I have seen other amateurs who have a neat little database going that allows someone to enter their call sign and see if they were worked. Not sure I can come up with a plug-in or something similar. There is other back end maintenance that needs to be accomplished that I have been putting off for far too long. I was considering moving the data to Blogspot while keeping my domain. That option is still viable, but I am not quite sure I want to pursue it.

Remodel: Part Deux

Some 4 years ago I undertook a fairly major project, remodeling the master bathroom. Nearly $12,000 and 12 months later I finished. The project ended up being larger and more complex than I thought, but though it all I learned a lot. Learning is a good thing, but when the wife continues asking, “When will the bathroom be done?” it got to be a very long and tiresome project. But we are still married and for my first major project it came out much better than how the master bathroom liked prior to the remodel.

Last week the wife heard the toilet running in the upstairs bathroom, so I told her to turn the water to the toilet off at the value and flush the toilet…it continued to run. I got home some hours later and went to look at the toilet and to my shock the floor was soaking wet! There were two independent problem. First, the flushing mechanism inside the toilet was old, corroded and needed replacement. The second problem was the metal tubing coming out of the wall connecting to the toilet. It was old, outdated and needed to be updated. But bigger than both those problems was the water than had accumulated underneath the vinyl flooring.

After removing the toilet (I had intended to replace it with the master bath toilet and buy a new one to go in the master bath), I cut the vinyl and peeled it back to see the press board soaking wet. It had been much longer than a day that water had been leaking. My next concern was mold in the wall.

After visiting the local hardware stores and pricing out hardware needed to remodel the bathroom I discussed plans with the wife. Yesterday I started removing all the hardware and pulled down all the drywall. Some of the sub flooring was a bit wet from water that came out of the bathtub. Overall the studs and the floor are in good condition and it should be rather straight forward on the remodel.

Today I will pull the fiberglass tub/shower out, it was installed as a once piece unit, but it will not be coming out that way. Next week the installation of the drywall, a new light switch and outlet as well as new flooring. My target date of completion is the end of February if everything goes as planned.