Here is an image of the DX-EE in all its glory. Pretty, huh? Doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing to work. And yes, I know the 6-BTV is not exactly straight up and down.

DX-EE Coming Down

Some in the ham community think I am a bit crazy to keep my HOA updated on my operating practices. Many in our association don’t like to even deal with the management company or those individuals who make up the board of directors because if you are at a meeting there is a good chance you are in violation of a CC&R. Thankfully, I have a very good relationship with the association manager and the board. I e-mailed the manager last Friday to let her know I would be erecting a temporary wire antenna in my backyard above my fence line and it would be down my Monday. She said “thanks” and I went about my business.

I will give people this, it is somewhat of an eyesore, although not as bad as those individuals who cannot take care of their yards or fences, as it hangs nearly 25′ able the fence line, which is adjacent to a road. So from the front yard you cannot even see it. While I enjoy using the Alpha Delta DX-EE, it will be coming down when I get home today. I will need to remove the supports as well. Not sure where of how I will mount the DX-EE next, but I am considering an inverted vee installation. The supports, which were 2×2’s need to be reinforced the next time I decide to raise the DX-EE, as there was just too much bend in one of the supports when I tied it off.

I have also been looking at making a 20m dipole, at a total of 33′ in an inverted vee at a height of nearly 30’s at the apex and 10′ at the ends, in an north/south orientation, I should be able to improve my operating practice on 20m. Unfortunately that does nothing for 40m or 75/80m. The solution I am looking for would allow me to raise the DX-EE 20′ to 25′ in the air, but not make it such an eyesore on the property. I have not done the math, but my proposed area for the 20m inverted vee might be large enough to put the DX-EE in the same configuration and when not in use, lower it on the telescoping pole I plan to use.

In the last contest, NAQP, SSB I was highly impressed with how it worked on both 20m and 40m. It was rather an eye opening experience being able to alternate back and forth between the two antennas. Having a choice was great, no longer was I limited to only operating on the vertical (6-BTV). I will get a few images up today to show off the DX-EE in action.