HOA & Ham Radio

Last May I went before the HOA Board of Directors and the association manager with a proposal and petition to allow me to erect my Hustler 6BTV in my backyard and be exempt from the CC&Rs. Thankfully I sold my proposal and they agreed to let me raise the vertical. Many hams have negative stories regarding their HOAs, but I feel I am quite lucky to have an understanding group, thus keeping them apprised of my hobby to some degree shows them I still want to keep them in the loop as to my operating.

On Monday I went to my second HOA meeting, thankfully the association manager remembered my name when I told her who I was. Guess those monthly e-mails with my log information did come in useful. I was there tonight for a few reasons. First, to say thanks to the board for allowing me to keep the vertical erected on a full time basis. Second, to show them my operating habits have increased nearly 500% from April, 2008 to January, 2009. This in part due to participation in contests at the end of 2008 and in January 2009.

They were all ears when I reintroduced myself and brought them up to date as to where I am now in the hobby. One lady had no idea what ham operators did. I had a quick teaching moment. Then she inquired, “who do you talk to and why?” I left that answer rather vague, but the point is I made another appearance and showed them what the vertical looked like again from the frontage road that backs up our backyard. They were pleased and thanked me.

I know most go into HOA meetings on the offensive over some violation. I know I had a few and thought the HOA was absolutely worthless. Thankfully in this case we have worked together in order to come to an agreement and allow me this exemption. So I will continue to operate through 2009. As of yet I have not had any RFI/EMI complaints. Here’s to a very good 2009!

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