Listen Like Thieves

I’ve recently had the desire to seek out  and obtain some of the older INXS albums. I not talking about anything after KICK, which debuted in 1987. INXS really only had one more more  hit in them, Suicidal Blonde before Michael Hutchence allegedly committed suicide.

I was working in my garage the other day and the song  Listen Like Thieves came on and brought back many fond memories. I then  went back and checked out that entire album, which was released in 1985  and it’s a great 80s album! The song list includes What You Need, the aforementioned Listen Like Thieves, Shine Like It Does, This Time and Same Direction.

Being  the cheap bastard I am, I don’t want to shell out the $9 for the album.  So I will continue to search out one of the best 80’s albums around.  Also on my INXS want list, The Swing and Shabooh Shoobah, first album  released in the US. Hmm, that reminds me maybe I should also look for  some early English Beat.?

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